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Splashbacks for showers and kitchens

Is it time to add some shine to your kitchen or bathroom walls? A high gloss finish can be achieved by adding plastic splashbacks to your walls to give it instant shine, and there are no limitations to where you can put them. Plastic splashbacks give an almost instant, amazingly clean, glossy, modern and shiny look to any room or space.

A popular place to add a plastic splashback is to your shower. No more boring white walls, now you can any colour and style you want to liven up this room, plus they are easy to keep clean as they have no grouting to keep clean.

Plastic splashbacks are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to other wall coverings as plastic can be formed and molded into just about any shape. The vivid and bold colours of splashbacks make a space look much larger than it is, maybe due to the modern, sleek and clean lines they provide.

Deciding on your colour from the great range can be difficult as there are so many vibrant along with more natural colours to choose from. Once you have added a splashback to your room it will easily and quickly transform it, making you wonder why you never did it sooner!

Some of the many benefits of Plastic Splashbacks include:

  • Splashbacks are light to hold
  • Completely shatter proof
  • Can easily be screwed or adhered to your walls
  • Quick and Easy to install
  • Stain resistant
  • No more waiting around for paint to dry or putting up with paint fumes
  • 10 year indoor UV warranty
  • Non-stick surface so will not harbour mould, calcium build up or soap

Maintaining your Plastic Splashback

The maintaining of plastic splashbacks is so easy, and only takes a little bit of water and a soft cloth to wipe them over. No more nasty cleaners, sprays or scrubbing as these will all only put scratches on the surface and may eventually wear away the acrylic.

The basics of cleaning plastic splashbacks:

  • To keep dust free, use a lightly moistened cotton cloth and gently wipe, rinsing regularly to keep the cloth clean.

If you find water is not enough you can use a special acrylic cleaner that is non-abrasive to get rid of any other marks or dirt. The most important part to keeping the plastic splashbacks clean is to never rub especially when dirty as this will only scratch the surface.

Cleaners to Avoid:

  • Anything with ammonia will eat through the surface of the acrylic and leave the surface cloudy looking
  • Abrasive cleaners will scratch

Even the most harmless looking cleaners like window cleaner can have a detrimental effect to your plastic splashback so it pays to stick with the basics to ensure a long and shiny life with your new plastic splashbacks.

To find out more about these amazing products why not contact David Clouting your trusty splashback provider who will be more than happy to show you the amazing range they have to offer.


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