A Few Inventive Kitchen Design Ideas

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When it comes to kitchen design there is certainly no shortage of ideas. The kitchen is after all the “heart of the home” and many people design their kitchens to be welcoming and homely – a great place for the family to sit around, eat a meal and discuss the day’s events.

Some people enjoy what others would only describe as a “cluttered” kitchen . . . they are the minimalists. Minimalists live at the other end of the kitchen scale and like everything to be basically empty – no kettles cluttering up the work surfaces, no toasters, spice racks or microwaves taking up valuable (empty) worktop space. They like everything to be placed firmly out of sight when it’s not in use.

It doesn’t matter what type of “kitchen person” you are, there are loads of inventive kitchen design ideas which should suit your tastes and your budget.

The shape and size of your kitchen is one very important aspect to take into account when you’re thinking about kitchen design.

Smaller kitchens – glazing the ceiling gives an illusion of space, if you don’t have too much horizontal space you should make the most of any vertical space you have. Adding colour can brighten up the smallest room, undressed windows give more light and bright, glossy units can keep your kitchen bright and cheerful.

Galley style kitchens – need to be well lit, glossy units help to add light, it’s also nice to keep to a nice simple theme in a galley style kitchen – try to make it a room with a view and incorporate a dining area if possible.

L-shaped kitchens – can be a little tricky to work out but there’s no reason why your L-shaped kitchen can’t be functional and still have the “wow” factor. Make sure that storage is easily accessible, break up any solid runs and be careful not to make it all too “top heavy”.


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